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List of products by manufacturer Viscotech

  • The first KREBS viscometer totally automatic. No need to lower any handle! Instrument based on the traditional KREBS method: a constant unique speed (200 rpm) and a unique rotating spindle. Microprocessor converts automatically measurement that is displayed continuously in the select unit: KU, g o cP. The VK 2000 allows user to choose between 2 different...

  • The first portable rotary viscometer acc. To Brookfield Method allows quick determination of viscosity during production process. Along with his intuitive an easy functionality and his light weight, this instrument provides great versatility. Its main feature, the compatibility to the Brookfield method, allows comparative measurements with results...

  • The VR 3000 MYR Viscometers, models V0, V1 and V2, are rotational viscometers for the fast determination of viscosity as specified in ISO 2555 and other ASTM norms. Instrument offers viscosity measurements which are 100% compatible with the Brookfield method and permits to carry out comparative measurements in accordance to recognized standards in quality...

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