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Automatic Viscometers


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Automatic Viscometers

Automatic Viscometers Krebs, Brookfield, rottary and portable viscometers

  • The TQC ViscoThinner offers a two in one instrument for material testing. It offers easy continuous monitoring of the material viscosity during the addition of solvents and thinners to create supply or RFU viscosity. However uniquely the instrument also allows definitive viscosity analysis at times pre-selected by the user, providing excellent data...

  • TQC Rotational Viscometer according to Brookfield Method, allows quick determination of viscosity in laboratory, research centres, and during production. The intuitive, easy functionality. light weight, and the fact they are battery operated provide great versatility. TQC Rotational Viscosimeter can even be used as a portable instrument.

  • The TQC Automatic Krebs Viscometer is widly used for determination of the viscosity according to Krebs KU, as used in the paint, coating and ink industry. The TQC Automatic Krebs Viscometer is equipped with a clear display and easy user interface that ensure highly reproducible results in fully automatic measuring cycles.

  • The TQC Sheen Gel Strength Tester (414N)  is especially suited to assess the yield strength and consistency of thick paints and other materials such as gels and putties etc.

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