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Coating Thickness Meter CM-8855 and CM-8856

Funtions Coating Thickness Meter CM-8855 and CM-8856

  • Measuring nonmagnetic coating on the magnetic objects and the thickness of non conductive layer on the non magnetic metal substrate;
  • Using the magnetic sensor to measure the non magnetic coating on the ferromagnetic metal substrate. Such as paint, powder, plastics, rubber, synthetic material, phosphate coating, chromium, zinc, lead, stannum, cadmium, porcelain, enamel, oxide layer etc;
  • To measure the enamel, rubber, paint and plastics on the substrate of copper, aluminum, zinc and stannum by using eddy current sensor.

Applications Coating Thickness Meter CM-8855 and CM-8856

  • The F probes measure the thickness of non-magnetic materials (e.g. paint, plastic, porcelain enamel, copper, zinc, aluminium, chrome etc.) on magnetic materials (e.g. iron, nickle etc.) . often used to measure the thickness of galvanizing layer, lacquer layer, porcelain enamel layer, phosphide layer, copper tile, aluminium tile, some alloy tile, paper etc.
  • The N probes measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on non-magnetic metals. It is used on anodizing, varnish, paint, enamel, plastic coatings, powder, etc. applied to aluminum, brass, non-magnetic stainless steel, etc.

Technical Specifications Coating Thickness Meter CM-8855 and CM-8856:

Power off:  automatic
Operating Principle:  F magnetic induction or NF eddy current
Measuring Range:  0~1250um/0~50mil
Resolution:  0.1/1
Min. Measuring Area:  6mm
Min. Sample Thickness:  0.3mm
Operating Conditions:  0±45°C(32°F~104°F), ≤90%RH
Accuracy:  ±1~3%n or ±2.5um
Metric:  convertible
Power Supply:  2x1.5V AAA(UM-4) battery
Battery Indicator:  Low battery indicator
Dimensions:  126x65x35mm
Weight:  81g(not including battery)
Optional Accessories:  RS-232C cable & software, USB adapter for RS-232C or bluetooth communicator

Standard Accessories:

  1.  Main Unit
  2.  Calibration Base Set (F Type / NF Type) CTG-BS
  3.  Calibration Foils CTG-CF (1 set, 4 pieces)
  4.  Carrying Case
  5.  Operation Manual

Optional accessories:

  1.  USB, RS-232C data cable with software
  2.  Bluetooth data out put with software

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Coating Thickness Meter CM-8855 and CM-8856

Coating Thickness Meter CM-8855 and CM-8856

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