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The Taber Crockmeter 418


Taber Abraser

The Taber® Crockmeter 418 provides a quick and accurate method to determine the amount of color that is transferred by rubbing textile materials to other surfaces.

The Taber Crockmeter was originally designed to simulate the action of a human finger and forearm, as described in internationally recognized test standards

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Rub and Color Transfer Testing

Measure the amount of color transfer from rubbing.

The Crockmeter is a relatively simple rub tester commonly used to determine the amount of color transferred from textile materials to other surfaces by rubbing. This instrument has also been utilized to conduct smudge or smear resistance tests on images produced by a printer or copier. For paints and coatings, the crockmeter is useful when evaluating the change in gloss due to rubbing, scuffing or marring.

Easy to use, rugged design provides repeatable testresults.

A test sample is clamped to the instrument base and asquare of standard crocking cloth is fixed to a 16mm diameter, acrylic rubbing finger. The finger rests on the sample with a pressure of 900 grams force and traverses a straight path approximately 100mm long with each stroke of the arm.

Established rating scales standardize evaluation and facilitate repeatable results.

After testing textile materials, the crocking cloth is removed and compared against the AATCC Gray Scale for Staining or Chromatic Transference Scale. Based on this comparison, the operator assigns a grade to the color change or amount of color transfer.

Standard Features:

  • Counter
  • Acrylic Crock Finger and Spring Wire Clip
  • Hand Crank Assembly
  • 9N Load (incorporated in test arm)
  • Detachable Specimen Cover
  • Rugged Housing
  • Non-skid Rubber Feet

Crockmeter 418 Includes:

  • Base Unit
  • Sandpaper Pads, 2 each
  • Crocking Cloths, 1000 package
  • Extra Spring Wire Clip
  • Operating Instructions

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The Taber Crockmeter 418

The Taber Crockmeter 418

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