Coating thickness - Powder


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Coating thickness - Powder

An air-ultrasonic device can be used non-destructively / non-contact on uncured powder coatings on smooth metal surfaces to predict the thickness of the cured film before the powder coating is cured in the oven.

  • PowderTAG measures powder coating thickness before and after cure, non-contact and non-destructive.A sophisticated combination of specific powder-, infrared- and photo-thermal techniques measures the thickness of powder coatings in pre-cured and cured status, precise and reproducible.

  • The TQC PowderChecker XP optimizes the powder application by measuring the output of the cabin.The TQC PowderChecker XP measures uncured powder coatings using ultrasonic technology to automatically calculate a predicted cured thickness. This is sent by Bluetooth® to the recorder, where the value is shown in the large display. Taking a measurement is fast...

  • The Inspection of protective coating systems for corrosion control includes a wide range of test methods and techniques. In the Paint Inspector’s Field Guide( PIFG ) a wide range of these inspection methods are covered in an effort to aid individuals with the basic fundamentals of protective coating inspection whilst in the field. 

  • Plastic foils and certified plastic shims. Available in the range of 12 to 20.000 micron. These foils can be applied to all ferrous- or non-ferrous metal substrates. Non-Certified Plastic Shims Non-Certified Plastic Shims (foils) provide a quick operational check of the instrument and they allow the user to perform practice measurements when placed over...

  • Verify the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gauges. An important component in fulfilling both ISO/QS-9000 and in-house quality control requirements. Contracts often specify that coating thickness measurements be taken by gauges whose measurement accuracy is traceable to a National Metrology Institute such as NIST or PTB.

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