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List of products by manufacturer Novotest

  • The device operates both UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) and the Leeb (dynamic) probes. Getting benefit from two types of measurements is the ultimate advantage that a portable device can provide. Small indenter imprint (suits for mirror surfaces of shafts necks, blades, gear teeth, etc.) Measuring surface hardened layers hardness Wide range of...

  • Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector intended for operational monitoring of reinforced concrete products and structures for process control in the factories and building sites, surveys buildings and structures. The device measures the protective layer of concrete magnetic method.

  • Portable pulse velocity tester IMSP-U is designed for rapid non-destructive testing of the concrete, bricks, composite and other building materials strength. Ultrasonic device allows user to measure thickness and strength of the cross-cutting and superficial methods by measuring the speed and time of ultrasonic waves in a controlled objects – materials,...

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