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Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer N Type


The classic Original Schmidt hammer that became the basis of every major rebound hammer testing standard worldwide. Includes the NR and LR versions to record the rebound values directly on registration paper. 

More details

The quality of concrete is mainly judged by its compressive strength directly affecting the load bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures. TC-3032 Concrete Test Hammer (Original Schmidt Type N – Proceq) is used to measure the compressive strength characteristics of hardened concrete non-destructively, control uniform concrete quality and detect weak spots in the concrete. The test object should have a minimum thickness of 100 mm(3.9 in). TC-3040 Calibration Anvil, manufactured from a special steel alloy, is used for the calibration of concrete test hammers.

Standards Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer N Type

  • EN 12504-2
  • EN 13791
  • NFP18-417
  • ISO 8045
  • B 15-225
  • JJG 817-1993
  • ASTM C805
  • BS 1881:202
  • DIN 1048 part 2
  • UNI 9189
  • JGJ/T 23-2001

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Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer N Type

Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer N Type

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